Mountains of Hope

Our organization was founded by Peace Corps Volunteers and Basotho artisans to address poverty reduction through sustainable income generation on a grassroots level. Our team works to identify potential individuals and groups of artisans who would most benefit from supplementary income. We hire experienced Basotho to teach craft technique, design and ensure quality control. We encourage our artisans to make products that would appeal to global markets. We buy the products immediately so the artisan avoids the hassles and delays of selling.


We work side by side with each artisan, listening to their stories and building relationships. Each time you buy a Mountains of Hope product, you meet another Basotho artisan, learn about her life, her family, and her hopes for the future. Each time you buy a product from Mountains of Hope, you are helping make these artisans’ dreams for the future become a reality.


Our chief product line centers on recycled plastic bag products. Plastic bags litter city streets and rural mountain paths throughout Lesotho. Our creative and resourceful artisans gather these abandoned plastic bags, hand wash and line dry them. They then cut the bags into strips making “plarn” which is used to craft the product. The ability of these skilled artisans to weave intricate designs and create useful home products from what was once trash is remarkable. At Mountains of Hope, we address not only poverty reduction but also environmental issues plaguing the beautiful “Kingdom in the Sky”. We proudly stand by products that are both people and eco-friendly.

In addition to providing fair wages to Basotho artisans, proceeds go towards funding the Mountains of Hope Handicrafts Training Center. The Center will serve as a foundation where new artisans learn product design, development and hone their skills. The creation of the Mountains of Hope Handicrafts Training Center will support the project’s sustainability, promote product expansion and empower more Basotho.


The Mountain Kingdom
The Mountain Kingdom